This past week, we celebrated the theme of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). We used our skills in Chemistry to make play-doh and slime. We practiced physics to make pendulum paintings. Science to cook over an open fire and make S’Mores, and so much more. However, the coolest part of the week was brought to us by our very own Croc.

“We have some future STEAM-gineers for sure.”

Croc’s mother is a doctor who works with amputees and Croc invited a gentleman named Louie to talk to us about his prosthesis. Louie informed us that there are different ways to require the need for a prosthetic limb including accidents, war, and, in his case, diabetes. The kids were so polite and respectful. They listened as he explained how his prosthetic worked and related the differences in types of prosthetics. They asked questions like, “Can dogs have prosthetic legs?” and “Can you have a prosthetic body?” The answers were yes, and not yet. 😀

Croc also brought a prosthetic arm and leg for the kids to examine. Then the older campers used cardboard, tape, straws, and other craft supplies to devise their own prosthetics. The campers were so engaged and creative! They used trial and error and came up with some innovative designs.

We have some future STEAM-gineers for sure. 

I’m just not sure about the prosthetic body. 😀


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