In December I reached out to last years staff to see how many were interested in coming back this summer. I was thrilled to learn nearly everyone wanted to return in some capacity. I started making plans. We looked into a way to make it easier for parents to register and pay online. We got a grant to help us implement Social and Emotional Learning in our camp program. We got a grant to dredge the pond. 

There were so many positives that I couldn’t wait for Camp to begin. 

Then we entered a pandemic and the world shut down. Everything was up in the air. 

We had a program for emergency child care, and I planned for Camp – in hopes we would be able to have it. In planning, we had to consider what Camp would and could look like. We had to wonder… would parents want to send their children?

We had our first week, and things have seemed to fall into place. We wash our hands more. We keep groups together. We wipe things down more. We have conversations.  But you know what? We still laugh. We still do crafts, and swim, and sing, and it almost feels normal. 

When I saw the smiling faces last week I could not have been happier.

We thank you for entrusting us with your children. Thank you for the opportunity to give your kids a chance to reconnect with old friends and have new experiences. 

We look forward to many more weeks of fun.

Peggy Demchak- Camp Director

Summer Camp, Camp Tycony- 2020